Artificial Intelligence

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If you are struggling to know about the Artificial Intelligence then just check the below content. You’ll get a proper view about what is artificial intelligence and what you are going to learn in this JPA Solutions training program along with Career Opportunities.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In this modern world, you might often hear the word Artificial Intelligence or AI. So, most of you might have an idea about Artificial Intelligence. But, If you don't know about Artificial Intelligence, then Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science which helps to create intelligent machines that simply work and react like humans. It is often called as machine intelligence as well.

Points to Remember

  • Artificial Intelligence has become a crucial part of the technology industry ever since its creation.
  • Most of the present day researchers are highly associated with Artificial Intelligence.
  • These days you can see the computers designed with Artificial intelligence use speech, Problem Solving, Learning, and planning as well.
  • Most of the present day survey stats that AI Technologies has 56.8% annual growth rate. This means it is having enormous growth when compared to the other programs.
  • AI is used to build agents that simply reason to achieve goals using their symbolic logic. Satellites always use AI integrations to achieve their goals.
  • Robotics is another major field which uses AI just to handle tasks and other aspects.
  • Artificial Intelligence is spreading like wildfire, and it is expected to grow even more in 2020 and beyond.
  • AI is used in industries like major industries like health care, transportation, and logistics and more industries.

Career Opportunities

AI is hugely popular around the world. So, you will have a great career growth in the Artificial Intelligence field. The growth rate of AI has been incredible when we have a glance at the growth rate you can find 56.8% growth in Artificial Intelligence. Along with that growth, the number of jobs in the Artificial intelligence filed has jumped to the 50-60% as per Udacity and NITI Aayog.

In fact, the new york times has reported that there is a shortage of Certified AI Engineers. It states that there are only 10,000 qualified people in the world to fill in these AI Jobs. The Average pay scale of the AI Jobs in the US is around $172,000 per year. This is a huge amount in the modern world. So, you have to learn Artificial intelligence to get hired and get more salaries than average earning engineer.

What you will learn

Artificial Intelligence Training Program in Chennai

In this course, you will learn how to master the Artificial Intelligence and how to accelerate your career. We’ve carefully built this special program just by keeping the aspiring developers in mind who are new to the Artifical Intelligence. We have included all the professional and real-world skills in this course just to teach our students the present day Artificial Intelligence challenges. This helps you to accelerate in your journey toward the Professional Artificial Intelligence engineer.

If you strive to know more about what we will teach and what tools you will use means check the topics below:

  • Introduction: Learn about the history of AI and gain knowledge on basic concepts of AI in this introductory class.
  • Design & Build: In this lesson, you will learn about design aspects which are needed to create your own intelligent agent.
  • Apply Logics and commands: In this lesson, you will learn how to apply logic and commands to the design agents and models. Along with that, you will be learning about logic satisfaction problems.
  • Principles of Machine Language: In this course, you will also learn about the principles of machine language.
  • Mathematical and Heuristic Aspects: Learn about the mathematical and heuristic aspects in this course to help you gain knowledge on controlling Artificial Intelligence agent.
  • Deep Learning: In this course, get a proper idea on Deep Learning algorithms in tensorflow and in Keras Backend as well.
  • Understanding Neural Networks: Get proper of idea on concepts and principles of the neural networks which help to empower and analyze data.
  • Problem Solving techniques: Problem-solving is one of the crucial aspects of AI. So, you will learn about the problem-solving techniques in this course with ease.
  • Major Application testing: In this course, you will be learning about the testing of major applications of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Foundations of AI: In this foundation of AI you will be learning about Python of AI along with the functions, packages, and routines as well.
  • Statistics and Probability: Learn about the statistics and probability of the Ai along with conditional probability just to master coding.
  • Visualization Principles and techniques: Learn about the visualization principles and techniques in this course.
  • Variables and Expression: You will learn about the variable and expression in this course just to stand firm in the basics of AI.
  • Data Dictionary: In this course, you will be learning about the Python Data Dictionary and File handling techniques.
  • Data Operation: You will learn about the machine learning and data operations such as plotting Data, control statements and more in this course.
  • Types of ML Algorithm: learn how to supervise and reinforce learning of ML Algorithm along with that you will also learn about Types of ML Algorithm.
  • Linear Algebra: Learn linear Algebra, matrics, and vectors alongside matrix-matrix multiplication and matrix multiplication properties as well
  • Linear Regression: In this course, you will learn about the model representation, cost function, gradient descent and other aspects in this linear Regression topic.

These are some of the aspects which you will learn about in this course. Along with these, there are other topics as well. Check them below.

Machine Learning Supervised and Unsupervised topics

In this particular training class, you will learn how to master machine learning by learning the below aspects with ease. You will get full training and your frustrating queries solved with live examples.

  • Linear, Multiple, Logistic Regression.
  • SVM, k-NN, Naviv Bayes Classifications.
  • Decision Trees.
  • Clustering.
  • Optimization Objective
  • Choosing many clusters.
  • Boosting and bagging.
  • Aprior
  • Eclat.

Large Scale Machine Learning

In this unique Artificial intelligence course, you will learn about the large scale machine learning with ease. You will learn how to learn about the datasets, data parallelism and more.

  • Stochastic Gradient Descent
  • Learning with large datasets
  • Map Reduce and Data Parallelism
  • Mini-Batch Gradient Descent
  • Stochastic Gradient Descent Convergence

Deep Learning

Learn about the deep learning just to master the topics of AI without taking much of stress. Topics which are covered in Deep Learning are stated below.

  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Neural Network Basics.
  • Tensor Flow for Neural Networks.
  • Deep Learning Applied to images using CNN>
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, GRU, DCN, DMN, Bi-DAF)

Natural Language Processing

Learn about the natural language procession in this course with live examples.

  • Statistical NLP and text similarity
  • Syntax and Parsing techniques
  • Text Summarization Techniques
  • Semantics and Generation
  • Topic Modeling (LDA, TF-IDF)

Along with these, you will learn the essential topics on Computer vision and creation of artificial agents in this course.

Now, you might be wondering which tools you will use in AI? Right? Then check out the below tools.


  • Numpy: In this course, you will learn about Numpy tool which is used for scientific computing with the help of Python.
  • Scipy: Learn about the scipy a python based ecosystem which is used to do mathematics, engineering, and sciences with ease.
  • Scikit Learn: This tool helps you in doing machine learning in python without any reusable contexts.
  • MLxtend: You will learn about the Mlxtend tool which helps you to do the day to day data science task.
  • Keras: You will use Keras the python deep learning library in this AI course.
  • Tensor Flow: Tensor Flow is often used in AI, and it is the machine learning framework.
  • Pandas: Learn about the Pandas which is a BSD library which provides high-performance data analysis.
  • Matpltlib: Matplotlib is a tool used to do hard things with ease. So, you will learn about the Matplotlib in this course.
  • Python NLTK: It is one of the leading tools which is used for building python programs with ease.

These are tools you will use and learn in this training programming. As mentioned above this course will help you accelerate through your career and helps you to get hired by top-rated companies. In AI training course you will learn about the cutting edge content which allows you to become job ready faster.