Big Data Analytics & Testing

Do you have any plans of learning big data analytics & testing to build your career in the top most MNC’s Companies, but really don't know where to get trained Professionally? Then don't worry, JPA Solutions are ready to help you get professionally trained in Big Data Analytics and Testing. In this Big Data Analytics & testing program, we will be showing you the ideal way to learn and test the big data applications with ease.

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At JPA Solution, you will be learning the proper way to analyze and test application and topics that are more advanced. If you are new to the big data analytics, testing, and keen to know about its career opportunities and other aspects mean.

What is Big Data Analytics & Testing?

Big Data Analytics & testing is often than the most in-demand program in this modern world. Here big data analytics is done to examine the large and varied data sets just to uncover the information of hidden patterns, correlations, trends, customer data, preferences and other aspects that help a business organization.

Coming to the Big Data testing, It is a process involves various tools and techniques to simply testing the big data frameworks. In this modern word, testing is one of the crucial aspects of any field and it is important in Big Data as well.

When you check out the big data analytics and testing, then it becomes the course of big data analytics and testing.

Points to Remember

  • In Big Data Testing every software system needs to be tested to detect its unnoticeable errors or defects.
  • Big Data testing has three testing stages such as data staging validation, Map Reduce validation and finally output validation phrase.
  • Analytics is often a key aspect of big data processing just to get a clear view of the Data.
  • By using big data analytics, you have to detect the identity management and have to do the fraud Analytics.

Career Opportunities

As many organizations and business use Big Data in the modern day, you will have a high scope of getting the best jobs in top Multi-National Companies. You can just fit in great roles such as business analyst, prominent data analyst, Data Analyst, Tester, Software tester, Programmer and more just by learning this Big Data Analytics and testing. By mastering this big data testing and analytics, you can simply get great jobs in renowned IT companies with ease.

Until now you have learned about what is big data analytics and other aspects. Now, let's see what you will learn in this training program.

What you will learn in this program

Big Data Analytics & Testing

In this course, you will learn how to clean up messy data and uncover patterns and insights along with that you can even make predictions using the machine learning. Apart from these, you will also learn how to test the big data applications and how to detect the errors and defects of the application as well.

We’ve created this special training program by keeping all the young and energetic job seekers who strive to achieve great heights in their career. We have covered almost everything that you need to code in this exciting course. By joining this special course, we ensure you that you will learn some breathtaking real-work skills to analyze and test the extensive data processing as well.

  • Introduction: In this introductory course, you will learn about the basic concepts of Analytics and testing.
  • Big Data Basics: Learn about the big data basics and essentials in this chapter without having any trouble.
  • Data Analytics: You will learn about the data analytics fundamental concepts of statistics that are simply applied to the Data.
  • Big Data Analytics: By the term itself, you will know about the meaning of Big Data Analytics. When the information is stored in the database, you can simply analyze to create great value.
  • Description Analytics: In this course, you will be learning about the different kinds of Data Analytics. In this specific class, you will learn about descriptive Analytics such as reporting OLAP, Dashboards and other core applications.
  • Predictive Analytics: Learn about the predictive analytics just to predict what the best possible algorithms you have to use such as machine learning, neural networks, and regression analysis and so on.
  • Exploratory Analytics: In this, you will learn about the exploration and discovery of the data. As time passes, you will often need the discovery analytics just know about the additional opportunities that are available.
  • Fact-Based Decision Making: Learn about the fact-based decision in companies. These skills are often used for the organization to do constant experimentation.
  • YARN: You will be learning about the cluster management technology in this course with ease, as it is often the key feature in the second generation.
  • Map Reduce: Map Reduce is the critical software framework that especially allows the developers to write programs that require massive amounts of unstructured data that is distributed along with the clustering process.
  • Analytics Sandboxes: You will learn about the use of advanced analytics sandboxes that helps you to create performance problems for analytics such as detailed reports.
  • In-Memory Analytics: You learn about the process of in-memory analytics. Here you will find out how to analyze to get a quick response to many queries. This is another useful aspect in Analytics.
  • Spark: Learn about the spark a simple open source-processing framework, which enables users to run and execute large-scale data analytics applications.
  • Data Staging Validation: In this course, you will learn how to master the necessary data staging validation with ease.
  • Map Reduce Validation: Map Reduce Validation is often crucial in testing. So, you will learn how to map reduce validation in this course.
  • Output Validation Phase: In this course, you have to learn about the output validation phase to test the output.
  • Architecture Testing: In this class, you will learn about the architecture testing to learn about the defects of the architecture of the application.
  • Performance testing: Performance is always vital for any application. So, you have to learn about the performance testing in this course.
  • Parameters for Performance Testing: In this module, you will learn about the parameters for performance testing with basics steps.
  • Big Data testing vs traditional database testing: Learn the proper difference between the big data testing and traditional database testing just to differentiate them.
  • Tools used in Big Data: Learn about the tools that you have to use in big data testing. Moreover, you will get proper knowledge on those tools as well.
  • Challenges in Big Data Testing: In this lesson, you will sharpen your skills by having a glance at the challenges in big data testing.
  • Challenges in Big Data Analytics: Learn about the challenges you face in the real world with big data analytics.

Apart from these, you will learn how to handle the live projects on big data analytics and big data testing. Also, get your queries answered by professionals at JPA Solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Come join JPA Solutions.