Big Data Hadoop Developer

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If you are striving to know “What is Big data Hadoop developer with a spark” and their career opportunities? Then take a look at the below content, you will also get to know what you will learn in this training as well.

What is Big Data Hadoop and Developer with Spark?

While have a glance at the “Big Data Hadoop and developer with Spark” you might get lot of queries in your mind that what is big data is it a tool or product or so on. If you are one of them then big data is nothing but the extensively large data which is unbearable by the traditional data and analytic tools is called as big data. Hadoop is a open-source software which bears all the extensive amount of data with ease.

Now, Spark is a simple open source distributed general purpose computing framework which is to run the programs faster than other frameworks. The combinations of all these three aspects are called as the big data hadoop and spark developer training program. With training program you can quickly prepare for the cloudera CCA175 Exam as well.

Points to Remember

  • Big Data hadoop is one of the most important data analytics tool which is growing at a rapid speed.
  • Nokia the tech giant has migrated to the hadoop to analyze 100TB Struce data and has done in more effectively.
  • Learning about how to deploy hadoop clusters will help you to start exploring and analyze loads of data on your own.
  • By using Big Data Hadoop with spark you can write complex MapReduce Program faster than ever.
  • You can even describe how to simply ingest data using Sqoop and Flume.

Career Opportunities

As our world is moving forward towards the digital era, data usage has been increased enormously. Old data analytics softwares are simply not worth and cant able to handle these amounts of data. So, all most all the companies these days are using big data Hadoop and spark developers. Just to ensure their data is in safe hands and handle faster. When compared to the other traditional analytics softwares.

So, you will have a massive scope of getting a high paid job if you master big data Hadoop and spark developer. In fact, the median data scientist salary has bee $116,000. Freshers are also getting $92,000 on average. This is simply huge regarding salary and when we compare this with other jobs means you will definitely love to earn these wages. The recent stats say that there are 80% of data scientist positions ready to occupy in this modern era. So, learn to take this course to master your skills and earn a job in your desired company.

What you will learn in this program

Big Data Hadoop developer with Spark

The JPA Solutions Big Data Hadoop developer with spark program offers you the best opportunity to simply master the on-demand big data Hadoop framework with our professional teaching staff. By the end of this training module, you will be ready to face an interview on Big Data Hadoop with ease. You will be in a proper shape to launch your successful career in a programming language as well.

Now, let's see what you will learn in this Big Data Hadoop Developer with Spark Program:

  • Introduction: You’ll be learning about the basic concept of big data Hadoop and the connection of spark in this introductory training class.
  • Hadoop Frameworks: You’ll be learning about the concepts of the Hadoop framework to understand the working of Hadoop.
  • Deployment: Learn about how to deploy the cluster of data in the cluster storm environment of big data.
  • Map Reduce Program: You’ll be learning about how to write the complex Mapreduce Programs with ease in this useful training class.
  • Ingest data: You will be learning about how to ingest data by using the programs like sqoop and flume.
  • Spark: Here learn about the spark basics and process of distributing all the clusters of data by using the spark.
  • Spark SQL: You’ll learn about the spark SQL, ML library, Graphx and so on. Along with that, you will learn the best practices for data storage as well.
  • Model Structured Data: Learn about the concept of structured model data and other topics such as impala and hive.
  • Advanced Components of Spark: In this program, you will be learning about the advanced components of spark projects along with foundation steps of input and output paths.
  • In-Memory Processing: Learn about the Application of in-memory processing which helps you to get entire information on memory and eliminations.
  • Language integration: In this lesson, you will learn about the different integrations of language flexibility in spark such as Java, Scala, Python, R and so on.

With all these above topics, you will also learn advanced concepts of significant data processing, Hadoop developers with main spark concepts and so on. Apart from these, you will have some live projects and an interactive quiz so that it will be helpful for you to shine in real-world interviews and so on. So, what are you still waiting for join Big Data program now at JPA Solutions?