Data Science with R Lang / Python

We think you are in search to get trained in Data Sciences with R programming Language and Python from a good Institute. Then you have landed at the ideal place to learn Data Science with R Language and Python with ease. At JPA Solution, we always provide the best Data Science with R Language / Python training in Chennai. We offer Data Science R programming & Python course from professional experts.

Our syllabus is curated accordingly to the latest on-going trends just to teach you updated content. We always strive to provide proper support with guidance to help you understand any critical object with ease. By completing this course, you will be ready to face any challenge in your professional Data Science with R language and Python career because we have covered all the aspects you really need to master Data Science with these programming languages.

If you are unsure about what is Data Science with R language and python? Then don't worry check out the post below to learn about that.

What is Data Science with R Language/ Python?

Data Science, in general, is a field that often uses scientific methods and different processes to exact the data insights from both unstructured and structured data, and it is often similar to data mining. When it comes to the Data science with R Language and Python, you will use the two professional languages to create algorithms and effective machine learning models, different scientific process and so on. You will learn how to build and run data pipeline and other recommended settings in this Data Science with R language and Python.

You will learn about how to understand analytics tools by exploring R programming language. Along with that, you will be learning about installing R on different operating systems. You will even learn how to advance future in R Data Visualization, Variable identification and more in this Data Science with R language. With python, you will learn how to do the types of regression analysis, interaction regression, hypothesis testing, and other business factors as well.

Points to Remember

  • Data Science is an often a recognized designation for professional who is having deep experience in analytics and having other data mastering skills.
  • Data Science with R Language and Python are used in Data Cleaning and Data manipulation tasks with ease.
  • Data Science always allows you to take proper business decisions based on the Raw data which you have collected from the Analytics.

Career Opportunities

Data Science with R programming language and Python has a get scope in Data Analytics and Data Science. It has excellent career growth in Artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can get a Cracking a Job as a data scientist by learning how to dominate Data science with R language and Python coding.

In most of the surveys, it has been proved that the data scientist industry is often expected to grow $187 billion globally in future years. There is 28% growth in demand of the Data Scientist with R language and python when compared to last year.

So, it is always vital to stay up to date in this industry to dominate and get the highest paying jobs in the software field. By doing Data Scientist course, you can master your skills and become a data scientist or data science architect with ease in this modern world.

What you will learn in this training program?

Data Science with R language/ Python training

Learn how to master Data Science with R language / Python in this special course. We have carefully created this course to help all the young and dynamic freshers who often want to improve their career and settle as Data Scientist.

You will learn wide ranges of topics in this course just to ensure that you got all the skills which are required to become a data scientist and Data Engineer. Learning data science with R language / Python is a bit tricky task, but our professional teaching staff will explain these topics with ease. So, you can simply understand the concepts and dominate the field with your battle-hardened skills.

  • Introduction: Learn about the basic concepts such as what is Data science and what is R language and so on.
  • Package basics: In this lesson, you will learn about the packages in R, How to check packages, CRAN and more.
  • Importing and Exporting R: As we are learning about the data science with R programming language, you will learn loading data from CSV, EXCEL and other format files along with that you will learn how to connect MYSQL in R.
  • Data Cleaning Process: In this course, we will cover all the data cleaning process such as concentrating strings, split strings, position splitting, condition based selection and more.
  • Data Manipulation with R: learn how to manipulate data with the help of Data Sorting, Recoding data, merging data, user-defined functions, Data Aggregations, local and global variables and so on.
  • Loops: Learn about the loop statements such as FOR, If Else, While, Break, Return, Next and so on in this loops concept with R programming.
  • Data Visualization in R: Although Data visualization is a dense topic we will cover that topic with proper examples. To get deep knowledge of data visualization you have to go through our data visualization course.
  • Program Structure: Until now we have learned about the data science with R, but from program structure topic, you will learn Data Science with Python
  • Execution: In this course, you will learn how to execute an interactive shell, user interface or IDE, and other script files.
  • Memory manages: in this course, you will learn about memory management and object creation properties. Along with that, you will learn about the garbage collection as well.
  • Data types and operators: For every programming language, we definitely need data types and operators. So, you will learn about those data types such as numbers, strings, lists, dictionary, and other core types.
  • Statement and syntax: Learn about the different types of statements and syntaxes without getting into the trouble.
  • File operations: you will learn about the file operations such as using files, find and replace, opening file, appending file, exporting a file and so on.
  • Functions: Like all the programming language, python also has some functions that are useful in Data Science. So you will learn about functions scope, function objects, anonymous functions, packaging importing and more.
  • Pandas Section: In this class, you will learn about Panda Statements and how to define panda, data frames, working with dates, grouping, sorting and more.

Along with these, you will learn a wide range of topics with live examples at JPA Solutions training programs. That you will be not only tested and assigned some live projects as well to help you improve practical skills as well. This will definitely give a good exposure. Make your career grow high by joining JPA solution.