HR Analytics

Are you looking to kick start your career as an HR Analyst, but don't know where to get trained? Then don't worry, JPA Solutions are here to help you. In this HR Analytics training program, we will be showing the perfect way to learn Human Resource Analytics with ease. We will also help you to achieve your final goal.

We have specially developed this curriculum for the beginners who strive to become an HR Analytics Manager to improve their career.

Gaining proper knowledge of HR Analytics is always vital in today’s world, so learn about the HR Analytics training with JPA Solutions and develop your career in the modern field. At JPA Solutions, you get mentor support that simply helps you to provide the guidance and answer your queries quickly.

If you don't know what is HR Analytics and its career opportunities means? Don't worry, go through this content, you will find out what is the syllabus of this course, career opportunities, etc.

What is HR Analytics?

Human Resource Analytics is also known as HR Analytics. It is one of the vital areas in the field of analytics. HR Analytics refers to the process of human resource department. Organizations often appoint an HR Analytics manager just to see the hope of improving employee’s performance. In this field as an HR Manager, you have to get a better return on investment without having any sort of issues.

In general, HR Analytics manager doesn't just deal with gathering information, but it also deals with employee efficiency. This HR Analytics provides deep insights into each process only by gathering deep insights and then using it to take all the relevant decisions about how to improve the employer process.

Points to Remember

  • HR Analytics should identify best performing talent in the individual employer.
  • HR Analyst should predict all the on-demand skills and positions within the organization.
  • Human Resource manager should know about the capability analytics just to know about the core competencies or to identify the capabilities.
  • Competency Acquisition is another aspect that you have to be good at when learning about the HR Analytics.
  • Corporate culture analytics is also essential in HR Analytics just understand the culture of the organization and its rules.
  • Now then you got an idea about what is HR Analytics. Let us learn about the Career Opportunities for HR Analytics.

Career Opportunities for HR Analytics

HR Analytics is often an essential aspect in any company. Whether it's a small scale company or large scale companies, there is always a need for Human Resource Analytics. So, you will always get some high paying jobs with ease in this HR Analytics field. If you are striving to get hired by the best companies, they do learn about the HR Analytics and quickly skyrocket your career in HR Analytics. You can soon get jobs like HR Analyst, HR Manager, Hr operational manager, Hr Data Analyst and more.

What you will learn in this course

HR Analytics Training in Chennai

As you are dreaming of becoming an HR Analytics manager. We have carefully worked on this training program to give you a cent percent scope for you to achieve your goals. We have ensured that you get some advanced real-time skills to build your knowledge on HR Analytics. And also to go ahead in your Human Resource Analytics Career.

  • Introduction: In this introductory course, you will learn about the basic concept of HR Analytics.
  • Theory & Concepts: Learn about the theory and concepts of HR Analytics in this particular course with ease.
  • Own Recruiting Data: In this lesson, you will learn about how to create and collect your personal recruiting Data.
  • Analytics tools: In this course, you will learn about the tools you should use in HR Analytics just to measure the metrics.
  • Technology Makeover: You will learn about the technology makeover you need in this HR Analytics Course.
  • Bridging HR Analytics Gap: In this topic, you will learn about the bridging the HR Analytics Gap.
  • Recruiting Needs: In this lesson, you will learn about the recruiting essentials and needs.
  • HR Analytics Initiatives: Learn about the HR analytics initiatives, and it helps you to enable workforce analytics initiatives effectively.
  • Performance Management Practices: In this course, you will learn about analyzing the performance management best practices.
  • Database: learn everything about the databases and data types just to know more about the data.
  • Dashboards: Learn how to use dashboards of analytics and other tools with ease in this course.
  • Build Predictive Models: Get an idea about the predictive analytics only in this training program.
  • SQL: Learn about the SQL and its use in HR Analytics just to get enough knowledge on analyzing.
  • Excel: In this course, you will also learn about the basics of Excel just to maintain applications.
  • Predictive Analytics: You will learn about the predictive analytics topics and concepts in this special course.
  • Advanced Analytics without Programming: In this course, you will be learning advanced analytics tactics without programming.
  • Real World Projects: Learn how to analyze a human resource with real-world projects in our training module.

Along with these, you will also learn about more advanced topics during the training period. As part of our course, you will be working on live projects that will help you get proper knowledge of HR Analytics skills. So, start making your career by joining JPA solutions.