IOT (Internet of things)

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Now, if you really don't know about the IOT (Internet of things) then check out the below content. You will get a clear idea about everything along with career opportunities.

What is the Internet of things (IoT)?

Internet of things is quite an interesting aspect in this tech world. It is nothing but the network of connected internet objects that are able to collect and simply exchange the data with each other is commonly called as the IoT or Internet of things.

In this internet of things, there are two significant areas “one is internet that is connected” and another one with the data, which can be accessible, that is referred to as things. Combinedly these two make the internet of things.

IoT has a massive impact on the entire devices that we are presently using such as smart homes, wearables, watches, connected cars, and the list goes on. So, learning the internet of things is always helpful to build a career in the modern age.

Points to Remember

  • Topmost companies always strive to hire highly capable professionals in this technology.
  • According to the recent statistics of the Gartner Report by the year 2020, all the connected devices across all the platforms and technologies will reach the 20.6 billion USD. That's is really an incredible aspect.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities of the Internet of things are always higher when compared to regular jobs. The market of the internet of things is expected to touch $6 trillion by 2020. It is just a whopping figure. So, if your real intention is to get the perfect job in top rate companies means just learn the Internet of things and advance your career forward.

This is an ideal start for an unconventional career in the modern age. You can find out some best jobs by using this internet of things course although we particularly differentiate the job that you fit in because by learning internet of things you can fit in most of the jobs with ease.

What you will learn in this program

Internet of things Training Program in Chennai

We have carefully developed this program just by keeping all the young and aspiring minds into the consideration who are seeking to prove themselves in this field of the internet of things. We have ensured that you will get some quality training and amazing real time experience skills to build knowledge on IoT and to kick start your career in the Internet of things in this software field.

  • Introduction: In this introductory class, you will learn about the basic requirements and core concepts to start your career with IoT.
  • Concepts and Definitions of IoT: In this class, learn about the different concepts and definitions of the internet of things (IoT) just to get a clear view over it.
  • History of IoT: learning about history is always essential in most of the aspects so you will learn about the history of the Internet of things in this class.
  • Applications: You will learn the applications and its basics which we will use in this IoT. Along with that, you will be learning about the Internet of things standards as well.
  • Functionalists and structures: in this class, you will learn all about the functionalists and structure with ease.
  • IOT enabling technologies: Technologies is always vital in playing an important role in the Internet of things. So, you will learn about that in this unique course.
  • IoT Architecture: Learn the architecture of internet of things with ease in this special course of IoT.
  • Hardware & sensors: You will learn about the hardware and sensors requirements in this exciting course to move forward in IoT.
  • Application Software & Connectivity: Connectivity always plays a major role in the Internet of things so you will be learning about the Application softwares and connectivity in this lesson.
  • Cloud & Security: Security is always a major aspect in any field. So, learn how to safeguard your data on the cloud and check out different security options.
  • Role of wired and wireless communication: In this course, you will learn about the major role of both wired and wireless communications with ease.
  • Big Data and Analytics: As big data is always important you will learn about that some exciting aspects of big data and analytics which are useful for IoT in this course.
  • Cloud Computing: Although we have covered some of the topics in security about the cloud, but in this class, you will get extensive training about Cloud Computing.
  • Semantic web 3.0: In this course, you will be learning about the semantic web 3.0 standards and other aspects of the Internet of things.
  • Python Programming: In this course, you will be getting knowledge on python programming language because it plays a major role.
  • Backend Database and Applications: you will be learning about the backend database and other applications topics in this course.
  • C++ basics: Learn about the basics of C++ and improve your performance programming in the C++ language.
  • Hadoop and Map Reduce: In this course, we will cover Hadoop and MapReduce to some extent to help you to get a clear view over this course.
  • Natural Language Processing: Learn about the natural language processing techniques that helps you to be a professional IoT Manager.
  • Voice user interfaces & controls: In this course, you will be learning about the voice users interfaces and sensor controls to master the Internet of things.
  • Internet of things platforms and Challenges: in this course, you will learn about the different platforms that you will use in IoT along with the challenges you face in the IoT world.

These are key training topics in this course. Along with the above training topics, you will also learn about the latest trending topics in the IoT industry. We always strive to build an advanced curriculum to help our students to achieve big in their professional careers. So, what are you still waiting for? Join this course, improve your IoT skills, and simply reach greater heights in your career.