Machine Learning with R language

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Machine Learning Program at our institute will show you how to master Machine Learning with R Programming language and Python with deep learning fundamentals.

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If you are still not sure about Machine Learning and our training module then just go through this post to get more details you required.

What is Machine Learning with R Language and Python?

Machine Learning is nothing but the field of study which gives all the computers the capability to learn without precise programming. These days machine learning is one of the exciting and on-demand technologies one should learn about. This machine learning helps all the devices to the ability to learn pretty much similar to the humans.

In Machine Learning you will mostly use Python and R Language just because they are the primary development languages of AI.

Points to Remember

  • The Primary element in Machine Learning is it focuses on the development of the computer programs, and it helps the computer to learn themselves by accessing data.
  • Machine learning is so called as the application of Artificial Intelligence which provides all the systems the primary ability to learn automatically without being Programmed.
  • Python has a special place in machine learning, and it is considered as the primary development language mainly because of its simplicity.
  • R programming language is also used in AI environment just to manipulate the data and another statistical process in applications.
  • Machine Learning often helps you to design and build the best AI based application which has the capability to learn.

Career Opportunities

Machine Learning has some great career opportunities. As the craze of AI increases the demand for machine language also increases. These days we can see the enormous increase in machine learning because most of the business are striving to hire machine learning programmers.

The market growth of machine learning has been increased at a drastic rate, and the stats show that machine learning industry will worth around 8.81 Billion USD by 2022. So, this is a huge aspect so every code should concentrate on Machine learning to get hired by top most companies. As machine learning engineer is one of the most on-demand jobs in industry, you can learn that and grab high paying jobs with ease.

What you will learn in this program

Machine Learning with R Language / Python Training Program

Most of you might be wondering what you will learn in this course. Right? Then we have got you covered. We have carefully built this program just by keeping all the aspiring developers in mind who are striving to get a good job. We’ve ensured that we covered all the on-demand and trending topics on machine learning just to give a chance for our students to master machine learning and achieve greater heights in their career.

  • Introduction: In this introductory class you will learn about the concepts of python programming and R language. Along with that, we will cover other essential elements of programming as well.
  • Variables and strings: Variables and strings are always crucial for programming so we will explain those clearly in this class.
  • Functions: In this module, you will learn about the functions and control flows topics along with loop statements.

After touching the basis of the machine learning and programming basics. You will learn about the Machine Learning with R Language and Machine learning with Python.

Machine Learning with R Language

In this course, you will be learning about the modules and programs which are used to solve complex analytics problems. Along with that, you will learn about business intelligence topics and data topics.

  • Business Analytics: Learn about the business analytics topics and data information topics in this course.
  • Business Analytics with R Language: learn how the business analytics and R language combined usefully to solve problems.
  • Compare R with softwares: In this course, you will learn how to compare R with softwares in analytics and how to install R.
  • Basic Operations in R: Learn how to master the basic operation in R language with ease in this module.
  • Command Line: You will learn about how to master operations using the command line. Along with that, you will learn about the command modules.
  • IDE RStudio: You will learn how to master the IDE RStudio in this course of machine learning with R.
  • R Help Feature: Learn about the features of R language alongside R help feature which is vital for solving problems when we stuck in between operations.
  • Variable, vectors, data frames: In this course, you will get a proper knowledge on Variables, Vectors, Data frames and another aspect of programming.
  • Data Manipulation in R: Learn about how to manipulate the data in R language just by learning data sorting, cleaning data, recording data, merging data, apply functions, find and remove duplicates records and so on.
  • Import techniques of R: In this topic, you will learn about the import techniques and reading techniques of R.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis: In this program, you will learn how to master the skills of exploratory data analysis along with that you will learn about the pie graph, line chart, scatterplot, doughnut graph, and histogram.
  • Statistics and Machine Learning: Learn about the statistics and machine learning with probability, outliers, correlation, t-test, chi-square, and anova topics.

Machine Learning with Python

This is the second section of this course. In this section, you will learn about the Python programming language with Machine Learning.

  • Python Programming: In this course, you will learn all the essential aspects of Python Programming along with installation. Data structures and functions are also covered in this topic.
  • Python Libraries: You will learn about the python libraries in this course such as Numpy, Pandas, SciKit learn and Seaborn.
  • Statistics: Learn about the descriptive statistics, inferential statics, probability and more on this topic.
  • Data Preparation: learn about the data preparation and univariate and multivariate analysis along with dimensionality reduction in this course.
  • Machine Learning module algorithms: Learn how to master the machine learning algorithms such as regression, logistic regression, naive Bayes, clustering, decision trees, support vector machines, Deep Learning, and Real-time implementation.

These are the topics you will learn in this powerful machine learning course. We strive we have built this curriculum to help you learn and make you more efficient with machine learning by using R language and Python. Join this course and improve your knowledge and start having fun by solving problems and controlling apps.