Web Analytics

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Gaining knowledge of web analytics is always crucial in this modern world. So, learn to analyze and find out about the campings you need with the help of web analytics tools.

If you don't know about web Analytics means? Don't worry, go through the below content. You will learn about what is web analytics and its career opportunities along with that you will learn what you will learn in this training program as well.

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is often used to measure and analyze the data of a web page. To understand how the web page is performing and how you can really optimize web page using the data. In general, web analytics is not about measuring web usage, and traffic it is much more than that. It is often used to improve the improve the website performance and helps companies to measure its reputation and leads there are getting along with geographical stats and more.

Web Analytics is useful for measuring and monitoring traffic. Along with that, it is also used to launch new campaigns and provides more insights to help businesses to check the detailed graph on how many people are visiting the web page. How many sessions are there on that webpage? Targeted audience graph and more, so this makes web analytics one of the popular fields in today’s world. The popularity is always increasing for web analytics tools just because it is used for market research.

Points to Remember

  • You can count on web analytics tools to analyze your business page data and also to plan a strategy on that data.
  • Using web analytics, you can find online campaigns which bring the most conversions and traffic to the website.
  • You can quickly determine where you are getting best visitors and where they are located just by using geographical tools.
  • Get a proper plan on what people are searching on their sites and visualize what people really click on the site.
  • You can uncover the top pages which are getting more clicks, and at the same time you can find out the worst performing pages.

Career Opportunities

If you are dreaming of advancing future in your career as a digital marketer, or you want to position as a web analytics expert, then you have to learn about web analytics. In this modern world, web places a crucial part in supporting business to generate leads and helping customers to know more about the products and other information.

So, all companies often spend thousands of dollars just on their business digital wellbeing. Therefore you will never find a drought in web analytics jobs. You can always find hundreds and thousands of jobs hovering around the internet. All you need to do is just find the best one which suits you and simply engage in that job.

What you will learn in this program

Web Analytics Training Program in Chennai

If you want to master web analytics tools to advance your career in the digital marketing field means you have to take up this training course. We’ve carefully designed this course curriculum by keeping all the young and dynamic entrepreneurs who are seeking to up their business. Along with that, we have also ensured that we cover freshers to get fantastic jobs in the web analytics field.

Our professional has ensured that by learning this course, they will get some fantastic real-time skills with ease to gain knowledge on Web Analytics.

Now, let's see what you will learn in this course.

  • Introduction: In this introductory part you will learn why and how the web analytics works and what you can do with the help of web analytics.
  • How to Set up Analytics tools: In this topic, you will learn how to set up an analytics tool perfectly to track the data.
  • Websites Tracking: Learn the perfect way to set up the website tracking and how to get results from the website tracking.
  • Mobile App tracking: You will learn how to set up mobile app tracking alongside you will learn how to track raw data of the website.
  • Schedule Email Reports: Learn how to schedule email reports on the google analytics quickly and how to track those emails in analytics.
  • Audience Reports: You will learn about the key audience reports such as traffic estimate, age and gender differentiation in google analytics.
  • Geo Report: Learn how to properly take Geo Reports and also check out the behavior of the users on top pages.
  • Demographics Reports: Get the demographics reports to get clear insights into your website data.
  • Engagement Reports: Learn about the user engagement reports in this google analytics tool with ease.
  • Dashboards: Learn about the fundamentals and advanced tactics. Along with that learn how to set up and customize your analytics dashboard.
  • Custom Report: Learn how to create custom reports and also go through the process of building data reports and campaigns in Google Analytics and other data analytics tools.
  • Acquisition & Conversion: Learn how to use check conversions and acquisitions. Along with that, you will also learn about how to use UTM tagging from the campaigns and other channel customizations.
  • Measure Strategy and implementation: In this module, you will learn how to strategize and implement strategies with ease in this precise topics.
  • These are some of the topics which we will cover in this training course. Along with these, you will learn some advanced techniques and trending tools to skyrocket your career in Web Analytics field.