Cloudera & Databricks Certification

Do you have any plans of becoming certified spark developer or big data Hadoop developer and want to skyrocket your career, but don't know where to get trained to get Cloudera and data bricks certification? Then you don't have to worry anymore, here we got you covered. At JPA Solutions we help you get professionally trained and get certified with Cloudera and Databricks certifications.

These Cloudera and DataBricks certification is often needed to skyrocket your career. In general, the certification exams often go way beyond training just by providing vast knowledge and skills on the subject.

So, doing Cloudera and Databricks Certification can be helpful for you to dominate others in Apache Spark Jobs. We have specially developed this curriculum based on the necessities for all the folks like you. In this course, our primary goal is to teach all the advanced stuff in this special course with ease.

If you are unsure about these Cloudera and DataBricks Certification means, don't worry I will let you know about them below.

What is Cloudera Certification?

If you want to be a certified big data professional, then you have to complete this Cloudera certification. Cloudera Certification is an industry’s most valuable certification which can help you to get hired in an interview associated with Big Data Hadoop.

In general, you can find lots of Cloudera certifications such as Cloudera Certified Associate, Cloudera Certified Professional. CCA Spark and Hadoop developer, CCA Data Analyst, and so on.

Doing Cloudera Certification can help you gain vast knowledge and expertise on technical skills. This certification process also helps you to master tools and techniques of Hadoop stack and more.

What is DataBricks Certification?

Data Brick Certification is one of the popular certifications which you need to master the apache spark program. This standard certification can assure your employers that you are more than capable and up to date with the modern Apache project and its updated features and enhancements.

If you want to master Apache Spark, then you have to go through this certification. To get this certification, you have to learn different topics of Apache spark such as basics, spark streaming, architecture, Spark MI, SQL, graph frames and other programming languages like Scala or python.

Usually, Apache sparks Databricks certification is quite more laborious. You have to give your best to get through this Data Bricks test. So, you have to get trained professionally trained to master the apache spark with live examples. You can do that with JPA Solutions, at JPA Solutions you will learn the perfect way to determine the different aspects of Apache Spark.

Career Opportunities

Doing Cloudera and Data Bricks Certification is always useful to grab high profile jobs in Big Data Hadoop and Apache Spark. By doing these certifications, you can master in-demand skills, and you can earn a valued credential to kickstart your career in Big Data Hadoop and Apache Spark. With these certifications, you will be in demand, and it brings recognization and value for your profile while you take interviews.

By having these certifications, you can achieve greater heights, and you will be paid higher salaries than others as well. So, you shouldn't miss that opportunity. Doing these certifications will obviously help you a lot in more ways to get a professional job in this highly competitive world.

What you will learn in this training program

Cloudera & DataBricks Training Program in Chennai

In this certification training program, you'll be exploring the core concepts and gain in-depth knowledge of big data Hadoop and Apache Spark. Apart from that, you will learn supervised and unsupervised topics as well.

  • Introduction:In this introductory course you will learn about Big Data Hadoop and Apache Spark Basics.
  • History of Certification:Learn about the history of Cloudera and Databricks certifications and exams rules.
  • Big data and Hadoop Ecosystem:In this lesson, you will learn about the Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem along with essential features.
  • HDFS and YARN:Learn how to master HDFS and YARN concepts along site HDFS Architecture components and block replication architecture.
  • MapReduce and Sqoop:Learn about the MapReduce and the advanced topics in data types and MAP REDUCE concepts.
  • Basics of Hiva and Impala:Learn about the original concepts of Hiva and impala which are often essential topics to get Cloudera certification.
  • Working with hiva and Impala: In this lesson, you will learn all the tech-related data and data types in hiva with ease. Along with that, you will also learn about Hcatalog and validation of Data.
  • Types of Data Formats: learn about the data formats and types of data formats in this simple lesson. You will learn about importing MySQL and creating hivetb in this course.
  • Advanced Hiva Concepts: This is one of the important class in which you will learn about advanced hiva concepts and hive query language.
  • Data File Partition: In this course, you will learn how to do partition alongside data concepts of file partition as well.
  • Apache flume and HBase: learn how to dominate apache flume and HBase without taking a lot of stress in this course.
  • Basics of Apache Spark: In this course, you will explore all the basics of apache spark which are unknown to you in basic apache course.
  • RDDs in Spark: Learn about the RDD data types and RDD creation in the spark program. ALong with that, you will learn about the Operation in RDD.
  • Implementation of Spark Applications: Learn how to implement commands in spark applications. You will also learn about the configuring spark application along with dynamic resource allocation.
  • Spark Parallel Processing: Learn how to do spark parallel processing in this course with live project examples and hands-on exercises.
  • Spark RDD Optimization techniques: In this course, you will be learning about the Spark RDD optimization techniques which are used for advanced techniques.
  • Spark Algorithm: You will learn how to master the spark algorithm with live examples and projects.
  • Test paper preparations: Along with these you will be learning about the past test paper explanation and training as well.

With these topics and other advanced topics which are explained in this course. You can quickly pass these exams and gain certifications of both Cloudera and data bricks. So, hurry up and join the next training class of Cloudera and data bricks certifications at JPA Solutions in Chennai and add those certifications to your resume.