Deep Learning with tools

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What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning these days is driving the Artificial Intelligence to another level and changing this world. Deep learning, in general, is a simple subfield of machine learning that concerned with algorithms, which are inspired by the function, and structures of the brain, and it is called neural networks. In simple terms, deep learning is a technique that involves teaching to computers just to make them do what comes naturally to the human brain. In general, deep learning is the key aspect behind the driverless cars and enabling them to find out stop signs and even in voice control AI devices as well. The computer learns to perform all sort of classification tasks from the images or text directly. This can achieve high accuracy for computer tasks sometimes it even exceeds human performance as well.

Points to Remember

  • Deep Learning is one of the hottest trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Most of the chat bots use deep learning frameworks to create a user-friendly and most accurate and reliable chat bot.
  • Deep learning helps to enhance automatic text translations with ease just by allowing translation from the images.
  • You can find a lot of deep learning application in this tech-centric world. In robotics, most of the experts use Deep learning in various aspects to make the Robert work efficiently.

Career Opportunities

Deep learning is having massive craze in existing software-dominated world. It is expected to grow even more in coming years. Survey of CAGR has stated that there is an expectation that deep learning will have a growth of 52.1% until 2025.

As the demand for Artificial Intelligence increases, the need for deep learning will always increase because they both are bonded with each other. In 2018, there is a 60% rise in deep learning portfolio jobs. Therefore, you can accelerate your career with deep learning in the near future as well.

What you will learn about in Training Program

Deep Learning Training Program

In this course, you will learn about the perfect way to master deep learning. Along with that, you will learn about the in-depth learning software tools such as keras and tensor flow along with the recurrent networks and GANs as well. Learn about the way to dominate deep learning concepts and AI as well. Our primary approach to learn by doing is one of the most efficient ways to learn Deep Learning. You will be learning below aspects in this professional course.

  • TIntroduction: In this introductory course, you will learn about the basic concepts of Deep Learning along with neural networks and more.
  • TNeural networks: Learn about the basics of neural network and start building the neural computers systems that are vital in the present world.
  • TConvolutional Neural Network: As the neural network is the base of deep learning, you will learn how to master the convolutional neural network in this course without keep lot of efforts.
  • TLearn to classify images: In this course, you will learn about crucial elements such as how to classify images, how to identify faces, and melanomas, based on specific patterns.
  • TRecurrent Neural networks: Learn how to build your own recurrent networks with both short term and long-term memory networks as well with the help of Pytorch tool. You will also learn how to perform sentiment analysis and reuse the recurrent networks to generate tv scripts directly.
  • TGenerative Adversarial Networks: In this course, you will learn how to generate adversarial networks and implement the new models of DCGAN. This helps to simulate the images and show very realistically.
  • TSentiment Analysis Model: learn how to perform and how to build the sentiment analysis model that helps you to simulate the environment.
  • TDeploying sentiment analysis: Learn how to deploy the neural networks genuinely with design agents. Along with that, learn to take specific actions on the entire environment as well.
  • TDeep Learning Patterns: You will learn about bike sharing patterns, Dog-breed classifiers and how to generate TV Scripts with ease in this course.
  • TPylearn: You will learn about the Pylearn software and how to use it with ease in this training program.
  • Theano: This is another software that you will learn in this course. With this software, you can simply master all the deep learning aspects.

Along with these, you will also find out other advanced topics such as Auto-Encoders, Deep Belief Networks, Deep and Restricted Boltzmann Machines and more in this particular course. So, what are you waiting for joining deep learning with a tools training course in Chennai only at JPA Solutions.