No SQL (MongoDB and Cassandra)

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If you don't have any knowledge about NoSQL means, don't worry, have a glance at this content.

What is NoSQL?

NoSQL is nothing but a simple database which provides a unique mechanism for storage of data, and it is also having retrieval of data in other tabular relation which are used in the Relational databases. NoSQL is the best alternative to the traditional database. This is extremely useful for working with large datasets.

Most of the large scale companies like Google and Amazon use NoSQL database to filter and narrow their goals and also to employ relational databases. Previously, NoSQL Databases used to focus on very specific characters of data management, but that has changed. The capability to process large data and quickly distribute the data across the platforms has been excellent.

Points to Remeber

  • Here NoSQL refers to Not Only SQL it also supports a wide range of data models and graph formats with ease.
  • NoSQL is an easily scalable and it is one of the flexible programs you can find out in the present trend.
  • This NoSQL has Zero Downtime, and it doesn't require any sort of object-relational mapping or data normalization.
  • NoSQL databases are either relaxed schemas or the schema-free.
  • NoSQL offers complex data structures in the same domain.

Career Opportunities

As big companies like Google and Amazon work on NoSQL you can find many other giants use this NoSQL Database. So you will never run off the job opportunities in this NoSQL Field. Grab the best job just by mastering NoSQL and get high wages with ease.

What you will learn in this Program

NoSQL Training Program

We’ve created this training module just by keeping all the young job seekers in mind. So, we have covered all the basic to advanced topics in this training module just to help them achieve their dream with ease. By joining this course, you can simply gain the knowledge which you need to master NoSQL Database with ease. It will help you to improve your career and grow higher in your field.

  • Introduction: In this introductory course you will learn about the basic concepts of NoSQL.
  • History of NoSQL Database: Learn about the history of NoSQL Database just to get a proper idea on the traditional database and starting point of NoSQL.
  • Relational Model: In this lesson, you will learn about the Relational modes and models which are used in the database.
  • Self Contained Aggregates: Learn about the self-contained aggregates in this special course to master NoSQL Database.
  • API: Learn about Simple API and other simple features of the NoSQL to get an idea about it.
  • Types of NoSQL Database: Learn about the different types of NoSQL Databases in this course.
  • KeyValue Pair Based: In this learn you will learn about the key-value pair based NoSQL Database.
  • Column-Oriented Graph: You will learn about the Column-Oriented Graph in this following section of NoSQL Database.
  • Graph-Based: Learn about the graph based & Document-oriented databases with ease in this special course.
  • Query Mechanism tools: In this section, you will learn about the common tools which are used for data retrieval mechanism.
  • CAP theorem: Learn what is cap theorem and its essential factors which are useful for the distributed data store.
  • Partition: Learn how to do partition and partition tolerance as well in this practical course.
  • Analytic Data Source: You will be learning about the analytic Data source and separate caching layer options in this course.

Along with these, you will also acquire complete knowledge of all the basic to advanced skills of NoSQL with ease to shine brightly in your career. So, just start learning the course right now and make your career awesome by climbing heights.